Two Percent Heat Rate Improvement at E.ON Zolling power plant.

Conco's Condenser Cleaning Technology Proves a Boon to German Power Giant
September 19, 2008

Munich, Germany – September 19, 2008 - Conco Systems and E.On Kraftwerke GmbH have partnered to increase performance of the Zolling power plant in Zolling, Germany, utilizing exclusive condenser tube cleaning technology and services developed by Conco Systems.

E.On Zolling is a modern coal-fired power plant on-line since 1986 with a net output capacity of 449 megawatts and is equipped with state-of-the-art environmental protection technology including firing lignite, flue gas purification and dewatered sewage sludge systems.

E.ON selected Conco Systems based on its extensive experience in the power generation industry and reputation for condenser cleaning innovation.  Conco Systems history in mechanical heat exchanger cleaning dates back to 1923, and is the world leader in offline mechanical heat exchanger tube cleaning services. The condenser cleaning services were provided by the European office of Conco, located in Brussels, Belgium.  Conco provides worldwide heat exchanger services through offices in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Australia.

Condenser Cleaning Yields Excellent Return on Investment 

Starting on 15 September 2008, Conco technicians commenced the cleaning of the 40,000 brass tubes at the Zolling plant.  Access to the tubes was available through four water boxes.  Utilizing safe 20-25 bar (300 PSI) water pressure, the Conco crew propelled Conco brand tube cleaners through the tubes removing accumulated tube fouling.  Cleaning operation on the condenser tubes as well as additional heat exchangers onsite was completed in less than seven days.

Zolling performance engineers report a 2 % improvement in unit heat rate as a result of using the Conco technology.  A 2% improvement in heat rate can mean a savings on coal consumption alone of over € 700,000 annually for a typical 500 mw unit.  Additional benefits include reduced carbon emissions and increased megawatt output for Zolling. 

About Conco Systems

Established in 1923, Conco is the world’s leading provider of condenser and heat exchanger products and services to 

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