NitroLance™ Hands-Free Liquid Nitrogen Cleaning System - Overview


Overview of the CONCO NitroLance™ Hands-Free UHP Liquid Nitrogen Cleaning System.

Harnessing the power of liquid nitrogen, Conco NitroLance™ removes difficult deposits quickly and safely without producing secondary waste streams or risk of cross-contamination.  Unlike conventional methods of cleaning using water or other media, liquid nitrogen rapidly evaporates leaving nothing behind except the deposit removed.  And because no waste water is produced using NitroLance™, no drying time is required following cleaning, so equipment is immediately available to be returned to service.

The Hands-Free system allows for increased operator safety and automated operation.

NitroLance™ is a highly effective solution for removing the most tenacious deposits encountered in power generation, petroleum refinery and petrochemical process equipment.