Aqua Drill

No personnel in reactors

Once our modular X/Y- or angular/radial positioning system is setup inside of your reactor (top side or at the bottom), our trained personnel operates the Aqua Milling or ATF-Jetting system from outside of the reactor, moving the cleaning tools video monitored from tube to tube without anyone manually operating the high pressure water carrying parts.

No-frills heat exchanger/finfan tube cleaning

Depending on tube diameters and scale to be removed we will employ our Aqua Milling, ATF-Jetting or Aqua Lancer services in combination with our horizontal or vertical positioning units. The combination of these services allows the operators to control the cleaning process from a remote control panel. All high pressure water carrying parts are removed from the operators.

High speed to outstanding surface cleanliness

Whenever we see the potential for improvement we are modifying our cleaning tools in order to provide the highest possible process speeds for cleaning fully or partially plugged tubes in quality as required for IRIS and eddy current inspection. 

Your equipment

We are no process engineers: Please present us your tube cleaning needs. Our tube and reactor cleaning tools are used in:

  • Condensers

  • Air coolers

  • Evaporators

  • Pre-heaters (as small as 10mm tubes)

  • Heat exchangers

  • Boilers