Aqua Ex

Moving high powered cleaning jets into any direction

Our Aqua Ex cleaning system permits our trained operators to direct a variety of stationary or externally driven and spinning supersonic water jets into any direction. Recoil forces generated by up to 450kW (1200hp) water jets need substantial support, which can only be realized by remote controlling the cleaning operation. The operator sits behind safety glass while visually monitoring and controlling the movement of the cleaning jets and the progress of the cleaning action.

Cleaning complicated geometric surfaces.  The fully articulated cleaning nozzle of the Aqua Ex unit is typically used for cleaning the shell side of heat exchanger tubes. We have the tube bundle positioned on pneumatic driven rollers for having access to all sides of the exchanger without multiple lifting steps.

​We also clean heat exchanger heads, other vessel covers, concrete pump metering units and any odd shaped device with surface contamination that our customers request cleaning of.