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Leak Detection System

Now you can own the same rugged, dependable ProSeries™ leak detection systems that Conco uses in the field. Choose the standard helium systems and customize with the ProSeries accessories allowing you to perform both air inleakage inspections, as well as condenser tube leak detections. 

Conco Helium Mass Spectrometer

The Conco helium mass spectrometer system built is a rugged dependable leak detection tool for finding and measuring leaks in the most demanding applications. With its low initial price and low cost of ownership, this unit is the most cost-effective leak detector available. Capable of detecting low levels of helium tracer gas (1,000 ppm) the system allows you to perform leak inspections quickly and reliably. Add on the optional ProSeries condenser tube leak inspection kit, and you can use the system to quickly locate leaking tubes within your condenser. 

Accessories available:
  • Off-gas sampling unit
  • Condenser tube inspection kit
  • Strip chart recorder
  • Communication system
  • Carrying case