Conco's commitment to quality in tube cleaning is emphasized through industry's continued use of our exclusive products. Conco stands alone setting the industry standards for tube cleaning products

Originally developed by a power plant engineer, these patented technologies provide superior tube cleaning action. Our products are the perfect complement to on-line cleaning and effective chemical treatment programs; application results in optimum condenser performance and reduced chemical costs.

At the core of the Conco cleaning technique is the bullet. Conco all purpose tube cleaners are designed to remove various types of obstructions, deposition and corrosion buildup, therefore promoting longer, more efficient tube life. The bullets, type C3S, C4S, C3X and others, are water-powered and propelled through the tubes at approximately 20 feet per second. To achieve the recommended pressure and GPM, portable booster pumps, Conco water guns and hose are used. The bullets work quickly and efficiently, returning tubes to design cleanliness. The calcium carbonate tube cleaner and the stainless steel tube cleaning brush are Conco innovations that have resolved the industry’s most difficult tube cleaning problems.

Conco tube cleaning products are effective on all types of deposits and are safe to use on all tube materials.

In addition to tube cleaning products, Conco offers a complete line of tube plugs for sealing off condenser tubes, heat exchanger tubes and tubesheets. All Conco tube plugs have been tested and proven effective. The "High Confidence" tube plug is patented by Conco and is working successfully in both nuclear and fossil sites. Conco also offers Alkaserts® to protect tube ends from erosion-corrosion preventing premature failure and extending tube life where inlet end erosion is a threat.

Our Leak Detection equipment; the Fluorotracer Analyzer™ and SF 6 Pak, are exclusively manufactured by our Leak Detection Service Division.

HydroDrills are manufactured by Conco to satisfy the most difficult fouling conditions. Where air-cooled condensers are installed we offer the Conco FinTech ACC™ cleaning service for automatic, semi-automatic or intermittent cleaning of air-cooled condensers.