Hydrocarbon Filtration Systems

Unit Refurbishment & Repair

We routinely repair all competitor systems to improve performance and efficiency.

Typical repairs are 30% to 50% the cost of a new system and we have the expertise to provide support for system made by other OEM’s.

We have repaired and upgraded the following OEM Systems:

  • Gulfgate / Henek
  • Oil Filtration Systems
  • Hypro
  • Pall
  • Parker
  • No Limit
  • Descase
  • Baron
  • High Purity

Design & Manufacture of Filtration Systems

Are you in the market for in-line or portable filtration equipment? We design and manufacture the latest in cutting edge filtration systems to fit your specific needs.

We specialize in the filtration and purification of hydrocarbon based fluids. We can design and manufacture standard and high vacuum oil purifiers that help you decontaminate, recycle, and improve the performance of various hydrocarbon fluids.

Get filtration equipment for:

  • Turbine Lube Oil
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Engine Oil
  • Gear Oil
  • Light, Heavy Fuel Oils
  • Fire Retardant Hydraulic Fluids
  • Dielectric – Transformer Fluids
  • Heat Transfer Fluids
  • Gasoline
  • Solvents
  • and Many Fluid Chemicals

Units can include:

  • Permanent or Portable mounts
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Moisture Indicator & Particle Counter
  • Particulate Filtration
  • Protective Cage
  • Available In NEMA 4 and NEMA 7, Class 1 Division 2 Groups, C & D Specifications

Particulate Removal Systems

Particulate Removal Systems (PRS) are designed to tackle particulate contamination within fluids, oils, or other liquid hydrocarbons and include pumps to push fluids through filter housings or filter vessels. Also known as Oil Reclaimers, Oil Reclamation Systems, Oil Filtration Machines, Low Flow and High Flow Filtration, and PRS systems.

All of the Particle Removal systems are designed for the rapid removal of particulate contamination from liquid hydrocarbons like oils and fuels.

For ease of logistics and mobility, these systems have optional skid mounted protective cages equipped with lifting lugs and forklift slots on all four sides. Our oil reclaimers can easily be moved by standard forklifts, overhead cranes, flatbed trucks, cargo containers, and trailers.

Vacuum Oil Purifiers

Our units are made to combine simple operation with high performance, creating more value for your investment.

Vacuum oil purifiers and oil dehydrators are developed specifically to solve a wide array of contamination issues within refined hydrocarbon and petroleum products.

Vacuum oil purifiers are effective in removing most forms of contamination using both a vacuum and a specific temperature setting to expel contaminants in the form of a gas, while the desired petroleum product remains as it is in its original liquid form. You can rent oil reclaimers and oil distillation units from our fleet or get custom manufactured equipment by contacting us.

Fuel Coalescers

Rent or buy a lube oil coalescer, gas coalescer or fuel coalescer skid. When water and particulate contamination is removed from the fuel, the life of equipment is increased while machine downtime, operational costs, and maintenance workload are all lowered substantially.

We produce highly efficient designs at a competitively low price. Our Fuel Purification Systems can remove water in fuel oil from an emulsified state as low as 25 PPM. Particulate can be removed from ISO 22/21/19 to ISO 15/11/09.

Applications include backup generators for data centers, hospitals, power generation, marine, mining, construction, and cell towers. Most industries use fuel that utilizes diesel engines daily in their haul trucks, loaders, and other systems, including fuel tank farms, day tank, and main tank filtration applications.

Transformer Oil Purifiers

Customers can rent or purchase custom transformer oil purifiers and will often receive a system that meets their needs within a few hours.

The quality of the transformer oil plays a key role in ensuring that the transformer itself lives a long and efficient life. Unfortunately, the quality decreases as the oil is used. Deterioration of liquids in transformers can be caused by contamination, overheating, electrical stress, and oxidation. There are two additional processes occurring in transformer oil that further deteriorate the liquid.

Increase your transformers life and decrease oil costs with a transformer oil purification system.

Varnish Absorption Systems

Lubricants and oils that have experienced severe oxidations and heavy varnishing may not be adequately reclaimed or filtered and as a result, may not be able to continue providing a useful service to the user.

However, in most cases, varnish and other soft contaminants can be removed from the oil using absorption filtration and the oil can be returned to service.

We offer adsorption both as the primary mechanism for varnish mitigation, as well to increase performance. We have four proven methods of removing problematic varnish, including electrostatic separation and they all come in one system!

Filter Housings

Conco has a range of filter vessels available for rental and purchase. We provide sizing, design, and fabrication of custom ASME code and non-code filter housings for a broad range of industrial applications, including a wide range of exterior finishes and interior linings customized specifically for your needs.

Filter Housings are built from a selection of metals, including carbon steel, 304, and 316 Stainless Steel, all of which are meant to increase corrosion resistance and eliminate the need for expensive coatings and oxidation within the filter vessels.