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The Practical Application of Tracer Gas Leak Detection and Cleaning Methods for Air-Cooled Condensers


Keeping the finned tube surfaces of air-cooled condenser (ACC) or fin fan units clean is essential to maintaining optimal performance and reliability. Units that are fouled with dust, dirt, debris, pollen, leaves and other deposits can rob your plant of precious output, and as ambient temperatures rise, the impact of surface fouling will cost your plant even more. Higher backpressure caused by a poorly performing condenser puts stress on the turbine and other equipment in the plant. Good condenser performance positively impacts the entire plant.

 ​​The webinar will focus on the mechanics of the ACC unit, the unique challenges of ACC unit maintenance, and state-of-the-art cleaning with precision high-pressure water jetting technology that results in increased megawatt output, reduced fan speeds, pressure reductions, and increased steam throughput per hour. Attendees will also take a deep dive into leak detection and the methods used to find the troublesome leaks in the miles of piping that serve the ACC unit. This webinar is geared toward the engineers and maintenance personnel that are new to ACC configurations, those that work with ACC units but have cleaning and leak issues, and those plants that are considering or having an ACC unit built on site.


Gary E. Fischer
National Sales Manager
Conco Services Corp.

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