Power Generation

Power Generation

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Since 1923, Conco has been the leader in delivering technology-based cleaning and testing services for condensers, heat exchangers, air heaters and many components found in power plants worldwide.  Whether cleaning with our patented Conco TruFit™ tube cleaners, or the most advanced NitroLance™ UHP liquid nitrogen cleaning system, you can rest assured we have the right technology for the job at hand.

Our Total Performance™ lineup of services for condensers and heat exchangers includes tube cleaning, nondestructive testing and leak detection services.  These three services work in concert to deliver the most efficient and reliable performance from your condenser and balance-of-plant exchangers without the headache of juggling multiple vendors.   

Conco has cleaned and tested over 100 million heat exchanger tubes worldwide and over 5 million tubes last year alone to the following customers:

  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Fossil-Fuelled Power Plants
  • Renewable Energy Plants
  • Waste Heat Power Plants
  • Integrated Power for Industrial Facilities
  • Gas and Combined Cycle Plants

Total Performance™ Services provide cleaning and testing coverage for the various components found in your facility including;

  • Steam Surface Condensers
  • Feedwater Heaters
  • Coolers: lube oil, exciter, seal oil, stator, vacuum pump and more.
  • CCW systems
  • Horizontal and Vertical Exchangers
  • U-Tube Exchangers
  • Air preheaters
  • Air Cooled Condensers
  • Finned Tubing
  • Boiler tubes
  • Economizers
  • Superheaters
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